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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zayra Clothing Review

Salam alaikum sisters.

So today I am here to give you a review on Zayra Clothing found on facebook. This is not a sponsored post.

Intially I fell in love with the simple cut of their Sanaa dress but when contacting the owner they had sold out without any intention of bringing it back. So the dresses I got were not my first choice, but I am pleased with what I have ordered.

The company is from Europe, like most Abaya companies, and I was told that most likely I would receive the parcel before my trip date, August 22. As my departure date neared I began to worry maybe it wouldn't arrive in time. My fears were confirmed when I left Florida to Missouri without my new abayas. I am a laid back person in that area, and honestly didn't care, my husband could easily forward the package to me. Though I was impressed with the owner because she offered to refund us our shipping and handling costs, which I declined because I didn't feel like it was her fault. She still has extended the offer of free shipping and handling for me on my next order, inshallah. She was very pleasant to work with and very quick in reply to her messages.

Another fear I had was that the chiffon would be the really thin, cheapy, easy to rip, chiffon. But the chiffon is very thick and very durable for a mother of 2. The dresses are also lined with satin, so no worries of having to wear slip dresses underneath. I will admit, I do prefer the dusty pink Huriya dress over the other Asma I got. The navy blue Asma dress is a little itchy where the elastic is on the waist, so I have decided that this dress will be worn when I am not intending to be staying in it for long.  

Because these dresses are a little pricey for me and our humble income, I am really scared to iron it. Fearing I will melt the fabric and waste our money, so I have yet to brave pressing the dresses on a higher heat, therefore I haven't been able to get the wrinkles out. I am sure though, someone braver than I could. Haha.

The Huriya dress. I really love this because of the A-line skirt part. Everything is perfection on this dress and I am really sad they have discontinued it. I do have to wear a belt with it, since size medium was all they had left and I am a small. So it swallows me a bit, but I actually really like it with a belt.

The Asma dress. I kind of like it, but I am not in love with it. I can't really put my finger on it, maybe it is the placement of the lace and the pleated skirt, and I feel like it is a bit busy for me. I love really simple clean styles and maybe that is why I am not in love with this dress. Sometimes I tease with the idea of ironing out the pleats, but I haven't had the guts to do it. Haha.

So, over all, I am very pleased with my purchase from this company and will be buying from them again, inshallah, when ever that time should come.

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  1. I like the pink one, gorgeous color.


  2. You look beautiful in both mashallah!

  3. so I was just stalking my business (as you do!) and came across your review! Jzk my lovely. We've had a number of people ask for the dress as I believe you posted it on instagram so you will be pleased to know Insha'Allah The huriya dress will be making a return on our website www.zayraclothing.com in a few weeks. :) with free shipping of course off your next dress Insha'Allah Lots of love and duas Zayra x
    p.s Iron on a low/medium heat, with a thin cloth like a scarf in between if you are really scared! :) x

  4. Both abaya look great on you! Ma sha Allah sister!

  5. I miss you blogging :( inshallah everything is good with you sis.
    Um mohamed

  6. Um Ahmaaaad! When are you going to update us? Inshaallaah all's well with you and your family!!!!!!!!! You must be a busy momma now!!!!!

    1. Salam alaikum. Yes I have been busy. I went to california, cane back, hosted a thanksgiving dinner. Yesterday we celebrated Ahmads 3rd birthday and I've been just keeping myself very busy these days. :-)

    2. Thank you for you reply sister. Im Busra one of your long time readers. May Allah protect you and your family!!!!!!! Ahmad is already 3 years old!!!!! We miss his photos and Hamidah!!!!!! Mashaallaah!!! Takew care sister!! Will u write a new post soon please, pretty please :D!!!!
      - Busra

    3. I second Busra here!
      I was away busy with my new bundle of joy and when I started getting myself together and checking back my old favourite blogs I found no new updates from you!
      We miss you and your posts...

      May Allah keep you and your lovely family safe...


  7. Salam Aleikom Sister...

    I have started my blog.

    Please be my guest and visit me at:


  8. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah sister.
    Long time! Hope and pray you and family are in good iman and health


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