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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eid Alfitr 2014

I am not able to caption the photos since I am posting this through my phone. But the family picture of Ahmad crying, poor child, he had a long day with no nap and was completely worn out.


  1. Oh my!!! The sweet boy's angry look in the last picture tells alot!! hahaha

    Yaaa Um Ahmad... you exhausted the booooy... dressing him up and taking him to greet people here and there... he wants to relax at home and plaaaaaaay :-D

    MashaAllah... your kids are so adorable... Hamida is growing up a cheerful find little lady...

    May Allah bless your beautiful family and grant you a blessed Eid and a blessed life <3 <3 <3


    1. Ahhh, alhamdulilah, thank you for all the kind words habibiti. ♡ inshallah you had a lovely eid too.

  2. Nice moments☺I wish u all a continuous happiness­čî╝


  3. Salam alakoum , Allah blesses whom he wishes and well we take granted all he gives us we must also give thanks and remember all he gave to us ... He has blessed you with a beautiful family . Subhanallah and mashaallah ...

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    1. Um Ahmad May Allah bless you and your family always enshaallah


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