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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

38 Week Pregnancy Update~ Baby #2

Salam alaikum sisters!

Alhamdulilah, I went to my OBGYN today. Did I ever mention my OB also has a midwife who works with them? So I was able to see her today, I love her dearly, I really relate to her more than the nurses who work with my OB. She checked me for dilation and alhamdulilah, I am measuring at 2cms! She knows how much I want to go into labor naturally before my scheduled induction. So she advised me to try primrose oil and start drinking red raspberry tea. Which I have started now, inshallah, we will see where it gets me. 

After going to the OB, we picked up the primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea, then we took a long walk in the park. It was very nice to take a walk with my husband and son. Normally my husband is working and on his day off we are so busy with appointments, so I decided to be bad today and skipped my ultrasound and NST. I just really wanted some time with the family, imagine, this is myhusbands last day off that we will be only a family of 3! If I do not have Hamida before next Tuesday, I will then be induced! Subhanallah!

Now concerning rather or not we are ready for little Hamida? Alhamdulilah, we have everything ready and prepared. If she comes tonight or if she comes in a week we will be ready for her. We ordered some cloth diapers and they came in a few days ago, I got them all washed up and snapped to newborn size. I finished sewing a few things that were not necessities, but more of conveniences. I sewed up a maxi skirt, which I am wearing in my maternity picture, a little house robe, nursing pads, and a nursing cover. I have cleaned the house topped to bottom, literally. I even moved furniture around to clean under them and in hopes it would onset labor, sadly it didn't. I even scrubbed- with a scrub brush- the hard floors in hopes that it too would onset labor, but it seems Hamida is very content where she is. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pregnancy Update~ 37 1/2 Weeks

Alhamdulilah! The progesterone shots have done their job and kept little Hamida inside until full term, and of course I am sure all the dua's you ladies made for me helped too. Jazakalkhair. 

As you all know, or perhaps I didn't write about it on here? I have been seeing specialists besides my regular OBGYN. At my 36 week check up, they found Hamida has not been growing the way she should. Initially, she was staying in the 30th percentile, and this is absolutely fine. For some reason though, she has dropped BELOW the 10th percentile. I am now having to go into the clinic to have NST's and ultrasounds two times a week. 

Due to Hamida being so small and not being able to properly thrive in the womb, my OBGYN wants to induce me on the 25th of February if I have not gone into labor by then. So now it is just the waiting game. 

It is so hard to imagine I will for sure have my little Hamida in my arms by the 25th!

Make dua for me that the induction goes smoothly and quickly. My biggest fear is ending up with a c-section which I want to avoid at all costs!

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