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Monday, December 30, 2013

Update on My 2nd Pregnancy~ 31 Weeks

Salam alaikum!

I feel so terrible that I haven't made the time to record much about this pregnancy. Though, I will admit, I have taken more "belly bump" pictures with my little Hamida then I did with Ahmad. Perhaps that is because I started showing quicker with my little girl then I did with Ahmad?

Anyhoo, I just thought it would be nice to kind of update on this pregnancy, since I haven't wrote anything about it as of yet. 

The first three months I was nauseated but never threw up, with Ahmad I was throwing up until I reached the 2nd trimester and even then, sometimes in the evening I would throw up with him. So alhamdulilah, no major sickness with this baby. 

Other then the sickness I had no issues with Ahmad, but with my little girl I have had this terrible back pain. It is just one muscle in my lower back that hurts like you wouldn't believe. It hurts when I bend over, walk, sit, try to get up, no matter what it is there. 

I also started getting the braxton hicks really early on this pregnancy, I think around 20 weeks? At 22 weeks I got so frightened we actually  made a trip to the hospital (for my new readers, I have had a preemie and miscarriage so if anything is out of the ordinary I am advised to go to the hospital). 

For a long while the doctors weren't sure why I had Ahmad early at 35 weeks, but thus far my cervix has stayed nice and long, so we have taken an incompetent cervix out of the equation. For this pregnancy, at 24 weeks, I started getting progesterone injections. When an expectant woman is in lack of progesterone, it can cause miscarriage or premature delivery. We will see if this keeps little Hamida in until 37 weeks, insha'allah.

With Ahmad I had the hardest time gaining weight, but alhamdulilah in this pregnancy I have been doing good. Well, at first I lost a lot of weight, I went down to 110lbs. Normal pre-pregnancy weight was 115lbs. Today, I just got weighed at the doctors and I am a hefty 137lbs! Alhamdulilah! When I gave birth to Ahmad I was only 132lbs.

Insha'allah all of my lovely readers are doing well, and please keep me in you duas and prayers that I reach full term!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Homemade Rag Rug

Salam alaikum.

Remember the rag rug I talked about a few posts back? Well I finished it a couple a weeks ago and almost forgot to update you all on it! 

Unfortunately I didn't have enough material from my old blanket to crochet it as big as I had intended. All in all I am happy with it. It for sure brings in a pop of color to my neutral furniture, though I do have colorful blankets and such to brighten things up, I just felt like we could really us a break in the brown carpet.

Homemade Cloth Diapers

Salam alaikum.

So I wanted to share my progress on the cloth diapers. So far I have sewed up enough for Ahmad and just need to start some for Hamida, well, actually I need to buy material before I start sewing anything. LOL

I sewed 10 cloth diapers, 10 covers, and about 12 inserts, (which is plenty for a toddler) all under 40$. How may you ask? Coupons, sales, and using some old fleece blankets I already had on hand. I did do the figures and to have plenty of diapers for Hamida it will cost us around 150$. The figures are not including when I will have to sew the next size up for the soakers.

Here are the cloth diapers I made, they are one size, and can fit from a newborn to toddler. Of course with a newborn you have to fold it down to size, but I am not going to complain. :) It is also a pocket diaper, so I just have 2 layers of flannel and I stick a fleece insert in between the two layers. I don't have a snap maker thingy, so I am just using a pin, which is covered by the soaker, so no worries about Ahmad getting it undone.

You can find the free pdf pattern here:

Here is a fleece cover I sewed. These are absolutely amazing! Ahmad had made a big stinky plus pee and it wasn't even damp. I think if he had been in a disposable it would have leaked everywhere!

You can find the free pdf pattern here:

Here is Ahmad, modeling his new cloth diapers. :)

Of course, you could sew these in great prints and colors, but I prefer to keep things white and simple. Besides, then I can reuse them for other babies despite the gender. 

Some of my readers have asked me if I was on pinterest, so here is the link to my board:

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