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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maternity and Nursing Abaya

Salam alaikum. 

I have had this design in my head for a while now, but no fabric. Alhamdulilah, a sister I sewed an abaya for was so thankful that she in return purchased some fabric for me. I have another abaya to sew yet, but I thought I would go ahead and show this one. 

This abaya is designed in a way that it allows a growing pregnant belly, looks flattering when you are not pregnant, and allows breastfeeding (and room for fluctuating sizes, as you breastfeeding mothers know what I am talking about). I think it would look lovely in a solid print, but the solid print material was incredibly more expensive then this calico print. So I bought prints rather then solids, but I prefer solids in all honesty.

See how I have the pleats that allow room for growth?

Plenty of chest coverage (there are 5 buttons in total, so that is how high the neck line is).

Full view of the abaya and my 26 week baby bump. :)

I am not quite happy with the sleeves. I haven't figured out exactly how I want them, so I just cut them out large for the time being. Once I figure out how I want them, then I will adjust them. :)


  1. elbise ç.ok güzel maşaAllah! :) Türkiye'den selamlar. :)

  2. Very nice mashaAllah. I made a maxi dress last Friday with some material a sister gave me a few months back.I am yet to finish the shoulder straps. I like the chest design of your dress did you just do that from your head or follow a pattern?

    1. Mashallah you should make a post or email me your finished maxi dress. :) The whole dress design is from my head. No pattern, sorry. :(

    2. Hamdulilla. I am making my dresses from my head too. I do get confused by patterns but the smock dress I am attempting now as my maxi is done is from a very, very basic pattern that I came across on youtube. InshaAllah I will show you when both are done...if I don't mess them up! lol


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