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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ahmad is 17 Months Old!

Salam alaikum my sisters. Insha'allah all of you are well!

Subhanallah, masha'allah, I can not fathom the thought that my little baby is 17 months old! Time truly goes by much too fast!

I feel truly blessed by Allah to be allowed to see my son grow and mature day by day. Sadly though, Ahmad hasn't really picked up any new words, and seems to be stuck on "dada", "Did you know that?", and "huh?". I try to get him to say "Mama", "Baba", "Salam alaikum", etc. but instead he replies with, "Dada" or "Daaaadoooo". When are customers come he will always say to them, "Did you know that?" But it is so cute how he says it cause he stutters, 

"Did ju did ju did ju did ju know dat?".  

When they reply with "Oh, yes I did", he says, 

"Oh", and walks away.

A few other cute things he has done this last month was, he found a bottle of water after he finished what he had in his sippy cup and brought both his sippy cup and water bottle to me. While he was eating, he spilled some water on his chair, he took his napkin and wiped up the water! He also loves to go outside, but due to use being in the store 12 hours a day, and our store being located right next to a very busy street, he is unable to go out.

When Ahmad does something naughty and we reprimand him, he turns his back on us and has the cutest poochy lip that we can't help but laugh. He also is very sensitive when he hurts someone. He accidently head banged me on the eyebrow which hurt very badly and actually made me tear up, and he turned my face towards him and patted my checks, I suppose that was his way to say he was sorry.

There are so many other things that he does that just melts my heart, every time he smiles or laughs, every time he does something new and surprises me. Alhamdulilah. 


  1. Mashallah... you have a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading this : ) Children are so precious!

  2. Mashallah sister don't worry about his speech......... Subhan Allah he is saying a sentence :) I also have an Ahmed born jan 13 2012 and all he says is babba, mamma and sometimes he repeats cake and bayda lol and when he talks "da da da da da da daaaaa" hahahha. I realise he is your first ( and maybe u worry because he was prem) but he will get it when he gets it mashallah he is very advanced physically and mashallah so is his speech ya Habibi hamoody.

  3. ﺳﺒﺤﺎﻥ ﺍﷲ SubhanAllah it was so moving to read your blog. Children as they grow up are a blessing from Allah (swt) and a delight. I know I have had so much joy watching my sisters' kids grow up. Seeing them all (I have 7 nephews and nieces) I know that they all seem to 'grow up' and acquire skills at a different rate at first, even ones with the same parents. But when they reach the age of about four, their progress levels off, and they all seem to have acquired the same level of life skills insha'Allah.
    So I am sure that before too long Ahmad will be talking to you all the time.........


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