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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ahmad 15 Months Old

Time is passing much too quickly, within a few weeks Ahmad will be 16 months old! Subhanallah.

Alhamdulilah, Ahmad is doing well. He was sick last week, but is just about over it other than the tiny bit of a runny nose that he has. His two top molars also came during this last month. So now, altogether, he has 10 teeth.

Ahmad is pretty much a cheerful little guy, but like all children, he has his moments. He is very ornery these days, constantly wanting to play with my laptop or dash over to the TV and switch it on and off. I have gotten to the point where I have unplugged just about everything during the day. LOL

We have given him my husbands old arabic phone from Iraq, and he will run around the house saying "Allo? Alllllooooo????". Hehe, he is quite the character. He did manage to pop out the word apple a few times, but recently I haven't been able to get him to say it again. Also, when I tell him something, he will say "Huh?", like he didn't quite understand what I said.

He has also figured out where I keep the tea biscuits at in the pantry (his favourite snack). Anytime he needs to munch on something, he will look at me and get my attention, then run to the pantry and wait for me until I come. When I am in sight, he starts pointing at the tea biscuits.

He is also not giving me quite the fuss he use to give when I would brush his teeth. The secret? I keep his hands occupied with our tube of toothpaste and his tube of baby toothpaste. I have also been teaching him how to "wash" his hands and face on his own.

There are so many things he does in one day, that I couldn't possibly bring them all to mind, or even have the time to write them down. All I can do to sum it up is to say he is growing much too fast, and I wish there was a way I could slow time down a bit.

Eating his favourite snack, tea biscuits!

My chubby little boy.

Mama, could you please quit taking photos of me!?

My silly boy, my joy, my sunshine! 


  1. hes so adorablee ma sha Allah! may u get to see him in jennah til firdaws at any time u like as long as u like, and more sister:) amin ya rab. jazak Allahu khayran for keeping us updated my dear sister, I had really missed hearing from u.


    1. Insha'allah Ameen, jazakalkhiar sis. <3

    2. MashaAllah cute little fella there, enjoy every second of him being this tiny and cute mashaAllah. Mine are 15 and 18, so miss those time :(. Fi Amanillah.xx

  2. Always happy to hear about Hamoodi,this song is for Ahmed"http://youtu.be/njXFcanqbWoقاسم السلطان-----حموديthe beginning is about"Hamoodi" but the rest of it is not ,it's an old song.. lol...xoxo

    P.S. I sent u a gift on livemocha when I heared u saying"gul maa salama" so nice in your tongue.


    1. Jazakalkhair for the song. Ahmad loves Iraqi/Arabic Music and started dancing when I clicked the link. :)

      Jazakalkhair for the gift ukhti. <3

    2. Asalamuwalaikum sister Umm Ahmad. I love your blog it is so wonderful. I love how you show your family life, your creativity, your cooking, and beautiful simple Islam life. I just read you other post and i am so sorry about your baby . I lost my first child at 8 week old and I was so so sad i cried so much. but Allah bless me with a daughter 3 month after and now she is healthy baby alhamduliAllah. may Allah give you the same and better ameen. !!!

      also pleaase sister do not be upset at me but i want to share some advice. did u know that music is not allowed in islam? it is haram and we should avoid it insha Allah. please don't be upset it is just advice to u and sorry about my bad english. i used to listen to music so much and play musical instrumen but alhamdulilAllah i stopped when i found out it haram. anyway i love your blog keep it up. from sister Halimah.

    3. Wa alaikum salam sister, Jazakalkhair for sharing your story and for the encouragement.

      If a friend of mine sends me something to watch, I will watch it, but do I voluntarily just sit and watch or listen to music? I do not. I think we should be merciful and kind to others, and I wouldn't want to offend a dear friend. What may be one's convictions may not be anothers and we must respect that.

      Jazakalkhair for the comment sis, and insha'allah you will enjoy my blog more and more. :)

    4. thank you sister. waiyakum . it's okay sorry to think that i am so sorry. yes i love your blog. Thank you from Halimah.

    5. It isn't a problem ukhti, we just have remember another persons feelings and convictions. <3

  3. Salam sis no posts at all for a long time...inshallah you and your family are ok.

  4. Mashallah Hamoody is beautiful, what a little character he is. And OMG subhanallah he looks just like you :D
    Oooh this is what i found online just for him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqMH0KdF1KA


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