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Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 Weeks Pregnant~ Baby #2

Salam aliakum sisters!

So sorry that I haven't posted for just about a month! I am sure as some of you know, I have been making youtube videos for a few months now. Often times the whole process of recording, editing, and uploading takes a lot of my time. 

From week 7-9 I was feeling very fatigued. Now that I am at week 10, I am feeling much better. So far nausea hasn't been a problem since I stopped taking the swallowable prenatal vitamins and my OBGYN prescribed me the chew-able kind. Alhamdulilah so much better and isn't causing me the nausea that the swallowable ones were doing.

Insha'allah, we are having a second ultrasound March 19th. Can't wait!

I don't feel as if I am "showing" yet, but I am thicker in my waist than normally. In a matter of time, I will be showing. Alhamdulilah, I love to be pregnant! 


  1. Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Umm Ahmad, Nice to hear you are feeling joyful in your pregnancy. What are you making youtube videos on?

    1. Wa aliakum salam. Basically it is like my blog, mixed of random things. :)

  2. OH Zahra I really missed u soooo much, my family asked me about u , Iam so happy to hear u r well.my kisses for u and Ahmed, mashAllah, he grew may Allah bless u all.

    Nada"peace train"

    1. Insha'allah Ameen, Jazakalkhair Nada. How is your family?

  3. Salam Alaykum UmmAhmed,

    Alhamdulillah wa masha'Allah your over the nausea and tiredness of those early weeks, i'm intrigued like sanaa asked what are these youtube videos your making?
    May Allah bless you with a healthy pregnancy and easy labour that is full of reward in the akirah. ameen.

    1. Wa aliakum salam Asmaa.

      Alhamdulilah I haven't had any nausea except when I was taking the over the counter prenatal vitamins.

      The videos are a mixture of our growing family, my hobbies, my thoughts on certain things pertaining to Islam, etc. Just very random like my blog. :)

      Insha'allah Ameen, jazakalkhair sis! <3

  4. Salam alaikum

    Oh God ! I don't get how can people judge you for coffee.... we are allowed 200mg caffeine a day. ignorant ppl. I am 34 weeks preg, and I know how hard migraines are (reference to your video). I am impressed how you handle so many people and the way people tell u what to do. I don't listen to anyone, I just do what is needed. After all it is your child and u know whats best for your baby. I wish and pray that Allah makes it all easy for you and bless u with a pious child.

    love sis :)

    1. Wa alaikum salam sis,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing me so much support concerning my videos! :) It is much appreciated. :)

      Alhamdulilah, by the grace of Allah, I have the patience to answer kindly to all the comments, though I do delete the offensive ones as I do not want bad vibes on my channel.

      Insha'allah Ameen, once again jazakalkhair for all the support! <3

      Love you too for the sake of Allah!

    2. Remember me in your prayers dear. I am away from my family, 34 weeks preg MashaAllah with my first baby. Need prayers ! Jazkallah Khair

    3. Insha'allah all will go well and you will be able to have the perfect, easy delivery of your dreams. :)

      Be strong. I didn't have any family or any help either with Ahmad, and most likely won't have any help with this second baby either. Imagine, I had Ahmad at 35 weeks! 1 week more and you will, insha'allah pass me up and have a full-term child! :) Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Or will it be a surprise?

      Allah be with you and your unborn, insha'allah.

    4. awww Thank u so much for the support, really made me feel good. Oh i so wish i have the baby at full term, i am so tired of being pregnant, May Allah give me strength. I pray for u and for ur family. Allah will bless u Inshallah.
      Alhamdulillah I am having a baby boy, we plan to name him Hadi Inshallah.

      May Allah make it easier on all women. Jazakallah khair !

  5. I agree with Saba. I can't handle that kind of thing either! It is hardly a brandy! lol


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