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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ahmad's 11th month Update!

One more month to go and Ahmad will be 1 year of age! Alhamdulilah he has grown and developed into such a strong baby! I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone, it seems as if it was just yesterday I wrote the Memories of 2011 post. The morning after writing it, I had Ahmad! 

I am sure you all know we took a trip to Missouri to visit my family. There Ahmad contracted an ear infection, snotty nose, cough/congestion, and a fever. When we went to visit our Mennonite friends for a week, he was able to ride a tractor and 4-wheeler when Paul (Lito) would check the cattle and  move them to another panel. Ahmad is just about eating everything, he is also very good with self feeding (with his hands). We had an early brithday for him at my families house, it wasn't a real party, just some family came over and we ate cake and ice cream. Nothing big and no gifts were given.

Ahmad did very well with traveling to and from Missouri, but I will admit the trip back to Florida was much better then the trip to Missouri. The flights were shorter and the layover was longer. The second flight Ahmad slept the whole entire time which made it very nice for me. :)

Ahmad is now walking, not 100%, but walks 6-7 feet at a time. He now has 3 official teeth and 3 more have cut through. He has learned how to say "Jedda" which is Grandma in Arabic, but when saying Jedda it comes out as "Dedda". I don't know if he is intending to say these things or not but sometimes it sounds like he says "okay", "wow", and "done".  


  1. Salam sister, i hope Ahmad is fine now in┼čallah. Dedda means grandfather in Turkish. I remembered that it is the first word my sister had learned too :)I think it's pronunciation is easy

    1. Yes I think the "d" is easier than the "J".


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