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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Experience with my Mennonite Friends as a Muslim

Sunday night I came to stay with my Mennonite friends. Of course, right when entering their threshold, you are embraced with hospitality and kindness. They are like a second family to me, I have known them for 6 years, worked for them for 2 years and lived with them for well over 6 months. They truly show love towards Ahmad and treats him as if he is their own grandchild. 

With my first few days here my friends were mostly curious as to why I converted (reverted) to Islam and such. I explained to them as much as I could without trying to make it look as if I was trying to convert them to Islam. I suppose they have become accustomed to me again, as they basically called me a kufr and I supposedly dress worldly (despite me wearing abayas the majority of the time, I suppose anyone who doesn't dress as they do are considered worldly. These are their words as I asked them to clarify how I dressed "worldly"). When I was asked by my friends how some stricter ladies dress (niqab, and covering of the hands and feet) they replied with, "Well, we for sure do not serve the same God.", I just replied with an "Actually we do and we have much more in common then you may realize". Other than these few and far between awkward moments, our time here has been very pleasant. 

Yesterday, Ahmad went on his first tractor ride and we helped our host move his cattle to another plot. Ahmad loved the cows and any time they stopped "mooing" he would holler to make them moo again. I haven't taken Ahmad into the chicken barn where I use to work since there is so much dust (the chickens are nearly grown, when they are chicks there isn't as much dust) and I didn't want the dust to worsen his congestion/cough.

This family has quite a few children, one of their sons who live near by has a daughter only a few months younger than Ahmad. Any time she would screech, Ahmad would get scared and begin to cry. It was disturbing at first, but now we find it quite entertaining. 

One thing I have loved about being here with my dear Mennonite "family", they have helped me settle back down to the "simple ways". So many of us Muslim women are so wrapped up into fashion, different styles of hijab and abayas, new clothes, etc. so many times we loose sight of reality and never realize our true purpose in life. Imagine all the time we spend in front of the mirror to perfect our new hijab style, watching youtube videos, etc. that could be used for charity, helping our neighbors and our friends, and becoming a stronger ummah and community. I admire my "family's" unity they have with their fellow believers and insha'allah, we as Muslim will someday set aside our differences and be united.

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