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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ahmad's 10 Month Update!

I know that I am 5 days late, but I have been busy preparing to leave to my home state and visit my family!

Subhanallah, it is so hard to imagine that Ahmad is only 2 months from being a 1 year old!

Ahmad has now gotten the courage to attempt walking again and takes 5-6 steps several times a day. Insha'allah, when we return home to Florida (December 2nd) Ahmad will be walking very well!

He also has popped out another tooth, the top right one. It isn't noticeable yet, but once it is he will either look like a pirate or a jack-o-lantern.

Ahmad is doing well on formula, he has fattened up more and seems very happy and content, Alhamdulilah. We went to the doctor when he was sick, and he was almost 18 pounds. This was a few weeks ago, so I am sure from all the formula he has been guzzling down he has put on even more weight! Tomorrow is our doctors appointment before we leave this Sunday, so I will know his weight and measurements, insha'allah!

He hasn't learned any new words yet. Insha'allah while we are with my family and friends, he will have more interaction with people and learn more. 

For you sisters out there with babies and children, what did you do when you pray? Ahmad has been finding it funny to try to pull my hijab off while I am in sujood and mess up my prayer rug!

*Update* Yesterday we went to Ahmad's doctor's appointment and he now weighs 18lbs and is 29inches long! The doctor said that if he didn't know better he would think Ahmad was born at 7lbs because of the size he is now.

Eid Al-Adha

Enjoying mama's pancakes!


Hugs and love!

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