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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Breastfeeding Journey: The Beginning to The End

January 2nd 2012, 8:15am, from the moment you were born the nurses took you to observe you (in my room). You had decided to arrive 6 weeks early and everyone was worried you would have issues breathing and such. When they finished checking you (about 5-10 minutes) I finally was able to hold you. Right away I tried to get you to latch and nurse, but you were so tiny and so very sleepy and weak from the unexpected delivery. I cherish this moment we had together, but the nurses took you away as they had found a slight heart murmur and you could not hold your body temperature on your own. 

The lactation consultant came and helped me with the pump and explained everything to me. I diligently pumped every 2 hours the whole time I was in the hospital. After 24 hours, I had an abundance of colostrum. I was happy I could at least give you the nourishment you needed, even though I wasn't the one changing your diapers and tending to your every need like I should have been. 

Those 3 weeks of being far from me were the most difficult weeks of my life. Your father and I pushed on, I continued pumping for you and bringing fresh milk everyday. Allah (swt) blessed us and gave me an ample supply of milk. I was able to pump for you 16 ozs every 2 hours! The nurses who cared for you used to joke with me saying I could feed every baby in the NICU.

Finally you were able to come home. Even though we had breastfed several times in the hospital, it was always so difficult for you and wore you out. After 2 weeks of struggles and pains, we finally mastered breastfeeding and continued on strongly until you reached the age of 9 months and 3 weeks. Now our journey of breastfeeding has ended, even though I wasn't ready for it to end I am thankful to Allah (swt) to have given me the privilege to nourish you and have a hand in your development and growth.


  1. Subnanallah soo touching sis. I too can relate. My son was born at 31 weeks and 6 days and spent his first two weeks of his life into the neo natal unit attached to machines and fighting off jaundice. I know well about the tests that comes along with prem babies regarding feeding. It left me baring producing so I had to feed him both my milk and formula to top him up. You will be blessed and rewarded for every drop you gave him from you hamdulillah! All thanks to Allah He enabled us to bring our little precious one's home.

    1. Wow! So much earlier! I didn't realize you had had a preemie! What was the cause? Were any of your children after your son born prematurely? When did you get to bring him home?

  2. The nurses just said my womb erupted spontaneously and labour began. They thought it was blood deficiency related but they didn't realise this till after I gave birth and my blood was checked. Allah knows best. I held him for few minutes and he was rushed to intensive care with prem lung development and was given steroids to help advanced the growth quickly. My hub and daughter went with him whilst I recovered. I was discharged the next day but had to leave him there. Can you imagine that? Was heartbreaking but I had to keep telling myself he is alive inshaAllah he will come home.
    I met a sister whilst there whose daughter was born at five month gestation! She spent four months in the hospital so my two weeks seemed like nothing.
    My daughter was 11 months old and still very much needed me so I would have to wake up at fajr, wait for sunrise then walk to the hospital that was 15 minutes away and be with him for two hours then leave for home so by the time my daughter woke up I'd be there. He had lactating problems from day one because his suckling reflex was not developed. I had to do this for over a week waiting for a hospital room to be free, then I moved into the hospital bedrooms so i could attempt to prepare him for home life. By this time my milk began to go.
    Sis it was so stressful and I never really talk about it. I threw away all the pictures they took of him after birth because it reminded me of an awful time. When we finally brought him home home I could only produce around 3oz's of milk which obviously wasn't enough so that brought me more stress with feelings of inadequacy but I had to swallow that feeling and just be grateful formula was okay for him. He strove beautifully once home. Hamdulillah. None of my other children were born premature. I was even offered a water birth with my last child. It was beautiful mashaAllah. So Easy! lol
    Now my little man is 7 years old, top of his class and a year ahead academically mashaAllah and bouncing off the house walls mashaAllah!!! lol

    1. Masha'allah, lovely story! Ahmad stayed in the hospital for 17 days. He didn't have any major issues as your son did, Alhamdulilah. Masha'allah! Your son sounds so very smart!

      I do understand the feelings of leaving him at the hospital, I cried every time.

      11 months old! Subhanallah, you had your children very close!


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