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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Iraqi Dolma and Maqlooba

I haven't had the time lately to make any Arabic recipe posts, so instead I will tantalize your taste buds with a few dishes I cooked this week and remembered to take photos of them.

Iraqi dolma, I served it with warm pita bread, homemade yogurt, olive oil and zaatar. 

Maqlooba is a meal in itself! So I just had my homemade yogurt and arabic tomato and cucumber salad on the side.


  1. omg please share the recipe of that beautiful maqlooba..dam girl your a good cook especially because yourcooking an entirely DIFFERENT cultural cuisine mashallah. You would probably put some arab girls to shame LOL.
    Thanks for sharing the photos was mouthwatering.

    1. Oh! Thanks for the lovely comment Julia! Insha'allah, when I have the time I will post the recipe, I just like to include pictures when I post recipes and Maqlooba is so very time consuming! LOL


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