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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ahmad and his Homemade/Handmade Kufi

Ahmad has been teething again this past week, the top teeth are breaking through! I also somehow caught the 24 hour stomach flu which in return Ahmad got as well. Poor baby was teething and unable to keep anything on his tummy! Alhamdulilah he is a strong baby and is completely fine. 

While we were both on the mend feeling "wimpy", I had the time to crochet! I haven't crocheted anything since I finished my friends baby blanket. The other kufi I had made for Ahmad when he was 3 months old is much too small for him now, so I made him a new one with a heavier yarn now that the cooler weather is upon us.

Right when I finished the kufi! He seemed very pleased with it! LOL

Enjoying the outside since this morning was cool and crisp.

He wanted to eat the leaves!

Love and hugs from your baby is the best kind there is!

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