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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ahmad 9 Months Old!

I can hardly believe how quickly time passes once you have a baby! Subhannallah, it is truly amazing to see a child grow and develop. 

We have a doctors appointment on the 11th, so I am not sure how much Ahmad has grown. Though, I must say I am disappointed in a few things. For one, my milk is not as much as it use to be. My OBGYN put me on a different birth control because my body wasn't acting properly with the other kind I was on, and now the one I am on is causing me to loose my milk. Ahmad refuses formula, hence throwing the bottle or sippy cup on the floor. I asked his doctor what we should do, he said if Ahmad absolutely refuses the only choice is cow milk. :( I really wanted him to wait until he was 1 year of age, but even when I put the milk in the bottle he refuses, in a sippy cup he does drink it but spits half or all of it out on himself. So when I make his warm cereal in the morning I put milk in it, and for daytime snacks I give him yogurt. If any of you ladies have ideas or advice, do let me know!

Ahmad has become quite the speed bug when it comes to crawling, he has also become very mobile and is able to stand on his own (while holding on to something with one hand). He is even attempting to let go, in the end falling on his bum. Ahmad is very curious these days, he opens his dresser drawers and pulls all his clothes out or opens the drawer under the oven to play with my baking pans (I think he likes the clanking sounds they make). He is able to eat those baby cereal puffs by himself and drinks from a sippy cup like a pro! Ahmad will also walk when I hold his hands, he finds it very fun, looking up at me with smiles and giggles. For some reason he has became terrified of the baby swing we have at the playground in our apartments, maybe it is just a phase he is going through.

Exactly 9 months old!


"Don't look at me, I didn't do it!"

If baby is happy everyone's happy.

Checking out his new shoes.

Out with Mama. Ahmad absolutely loves water and water fountains.


  1. goats milk might be a better option. it isn't as hard on baby's stomach as cows milk.

    1. If I lived near my family (my father has milking goats) that would be ideal, but I live in the city and fresh goat milk isn't available, unless you buy it in a can.

      Thanks for the idea though!

  2. Ahmad is growing up day by day. May Allah bless him. You can make homemade yogurt.

    1. I already give him yogurt but his pediatrician says it alone does not supply enough nutrients.

  3. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sissy !!!
    i see your issue here...masha'Allah ur little one has grown so fast and so cute!

    i dont have a child of my own but i do much browsing online to sort of just educate myself on these things... i came across this link one time and i thought of you.. a sister was complaining that her child would refuse the bottle but as soon as the child tried this it worked wonders bidhniAllah of course...but i dunno....maybe it may help who knows...but thought of u and thought to share it! http://mimijumi.com/


    1. Wow! Love at first sight! I am for sure going to have to try it, insha'allah! Thanks so much sis!

    2. insha'Allah it will work!!!! let me know how it goes if you end up getting it !! !(for future reference for me insha'Allah hee hee)

  4. salam alayki sis, regarding the milk situation have you tried adding honey or a small scoop of hot chocolate to make the taste 'interesting'? Goats milk is okay but expensive where I live.
    Also when you pass by your local spice shop buy a bag of fenugeeek seeds or powder and simply take a spoonful a day as fenugreek is known for boosting milk supply. Holland and Barratt sell high dosage capsules that I used to open up and put into my tea. Don't worry about him refusing milk either way. He'll drink it when he is ready just make sure he get his dairy from other means.
    Lol @ speed bug. Have you ever turned around and not found him there?? It happened to my youngest one and I found her under the pile of laundry, we giggled soo much! Wait till you go shopping together and he is out the pushchair!! lol That is when the fun and stress begins!!! lololol

    1. Wa alaikum salam Sister Sanaa, I am trying to keep my little one from sugar or chocolate until he is older. They also say honey is very bad for children under 1 year of age.

      My doctor only had me on the other form of birth control for a month to regulate me, now I am back to my original amount of milk! I had asked of other options just in case my milk supply didn't return!

      I heard have of this tea called mother's milk, I want to drink it because supposedly it makes you smell like maple syrup, and I love the smell of maple syrup! LOL!

      One time I couldn't find Hamoody, I looked in the house and found him under the bed! The only thing was his legs were sticking out! It was so funny, I wish I had taken a picture of it.

  5. It must be the feugreek drink I was talking about as it makes you smell like maple syrup! Babylove it is called here. Hope you find some inshaAllah.


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