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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Visit from my Grandpa!

My grandfather is a truck driver. Generally his loads are up north in Canada or in the Midwest. Well, his dispatcher arranged his loads so he could come and visit us here in Florida! Last night he arrived in our city, he couldn't take his truck so we picked him up, had supper at IHOP, and he came to our home for about an hour before we took him back. This is the first Jasim, my husband, has met any of my family! So we were both very excited!


  1. awww mashaAllah ahmad looks so happy in the bottom picture!! adorable :-)

    1. I know! It is very rare we get a nice picture of him like that!

  2. May allah bless u and ur family , ahmad is so cute .

  3. Insha'allah, Ameen, Thank you :)


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