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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surprise Packages!

This afternoon I got a knock on the door and the mail man delivered me two packages! One from my grandmother and one from my Mennonite friends!

Handmade quilt and card from my Mennonite friends!

The quilt is sail boat themed. 

My friend embroidered Ahmad's initials. 

The blanket my grandmother crocheted for Ahmad along with the Mennonite quilt.

Books my grandmother sent. Some of these books were my Moms/Aunts, all of them I remember being read to me, and they are now Ahmad's!


  1. That's wonderful mashaAllah! The books you read your son is now reading! Allahu akbar! It is like when I sat down with my kids to watch Annie. The memories of my time as a little girl came flooding. The blankets are beautiful mashaAllah. It is nice when the items around our home are made by our family and friends. It makes the gift mire special to me.. Have a blessed week sis.

    1. Isn't it amazing how simple things can bring back so many memories? Yes I love hand made items, it brings a personal touch to your home. :) Insha'allah you will have a lovely week yourself!

  2. I love surprises! Have a good day :)


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