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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Absence

Salam alaikum!

Excuse my absence these past few weeks. I got very ill shortly after I posted my last blog post, had to even go to the hospital. One of my friends also gave birth to her baby so I visited her, bringing food and such. 

I have also been making plans and arrangements to visit my family in Missouri, insha'allah, which I will be there from November 11th-December 2nd! I am anxious to see my family and friends (but I will be missing my husband so very much)! I am planning to stay with my Mennonite friends who have a very large farm with equally large hearts. I will only be staying with them until the 28th as they are going to be visiting their son and his family in Guatemala (their son and his family are Missionaries down there). 

I can't wait for Ahmad to see the chickens, horses, cows, etc! He is at the age where he is so attentive and absorbs everything around him. I am not sure how much all of you know about the Mennonite people but they do not have internet so I am not sure if I will be posting while I am gone unless I do so while I visit my grandmother during the day time. If I do not post while I am gone, I promise a very nice, picture filled post on my return!

In a few days I will be posting a 9 month old update for Ahmad and insha'allah the recipe for Mughli. :)

Special thanks to those lovely ladies who commented on my blog asking about me and my absence. It really made my day! <3


  1. assalamu alayki sister, sorry you were ill and I never asked where you had been all this time. Sorry. Glad you are better and mabrook on the new arrival of your friend. I don't know much about Mennonite people, are they similar to Amish people ? How long will you be visiting your friend? InshaAllah the change of scenery will be good. Nice to see you back. Look forward to your post staying with your friends.

    1. Wa alaikum salam Sanaa, no need for an apology! Mennonites are similar to the Amish, just more modern. They have cars, electricity, heating and cooling, etc. Insha'allah, I will be with them from the 11th-28th. Thanks for the comment sis! <3 XOXO

  2. Did you grow up a Mennonite? Wow two weeks...you'll defo miss your hub! He'll be lost without you having had you so long. Have a wonderful time.

    1. No, but the majority of my friends during my teen years were. I also worked on their farms regularly. After I stay with my Mennonite friends I will be with my grandparents for 5 days, so it is a bit more than 2 weeks. :( I will miss him terribly.


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