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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ahmad at 8 Months Old!

Today Ahmad is 8 months old! I can hardly believe in only 4 more months he will be 1 years old! He very clearly says "mama" now, no longer does he say "nana" when referring to me. Not only does he crawl now, he is very fast! He is also able to pull himself up on anything he puts his hands on. I also am starting to see his bottom 2 teeth making their appearance! Since his teeth are pushing through he has been very cranky, not to mention he is always hurting himself, so this brings on more tears. But with the tears comes Mama's hugs and kisses. Ahmad also loves to play hide and seek, row row row your boat, and ablsolutely amused by the "Old McDonald had a farm" song, especially when I make the animal noises. 

A few days ago we went to Ahmads doctor. He is now 17lbs 3ozs and still 26 inches long. Even though he hasn't grown any taller this month, his personality has been shining through! 

Ahmad wearing 12 month clothes!

For the ladies wondering, the Klecha and Mughli recipes (along with pictures) will be posted within this week, insha'allah.


  1. Happy 8 months baby boy Ahmad :)I will be waiting for your recipes insha Allah

    1. The klecha recipe will be up by this evening insha'allah. I baked them today and now just have to upload the pictures, etc. :)


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