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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Absence

Salam alaikum!

Excuse my absence these past few weeks. I got very ill shortly after I posted my last blog post, had to even go to the hospital. One of my friends also gave birth to her baby so I visited her, bringing food and such. 

I have also been making plans and arrangements to visit my family in Missouri, insha'allah, which I will be there from November 11th-December 2nd! I am anxious to see my family and friends (but I will be missing my husband so very much)! I am planning to stay with my Mennonite friends who have a very large farm with equally large hearts. I will only be staying with them until the 28th as they are going to be visiting their son and his family in Guatemala (their son and his family are Missionaries down there). 

I can't wait for Ahmad to see the chickens, horses, cows, etc! He is at the age where he is so attentive and absorbs everything around him. I am not sure how much all of you know about the Mennonite people but they do not have internet so I am not sure if I will be posting while I am gone unless I do so while I visit my grandmother during the day time. If I do not post while I am gone, I promise a very nice, picture filled post on my return!

In a few days I will be posting a 9 month old update for Ahmad and insha'allah the recipe for Mughli. :)

Special thanks to those lovely ladies who commented on my blog asking about me and my absence. It really made my day! <3

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ahmad's First Trip To The Zoo!

Yesterday, on my husband's day off, we took Ahmad to the zoo. It was his first time there, not including the time we went when I was pregnant. Surprisingly he was very calm, cool and collective- except when we stopped to eat something at the Cafe he began getting restless, but once we went back outside he was calm again. It was a pretty hot day here in the tropics of Florida, but Ahmad was a little trooper and didn't whine any complaints!

Excuse the poor quality of some of the pictures, our camera was acting up yesterday.

Ahmad all ready to go!

Ahmad's first time on a carousel!  

I love my husband! He is always so funny!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surprise Packages!

This afternoon I got a knock on the door and the mail man delivered me two packages! One from my grandmother and one from my Mennonite friends!

Handmade quilt and card from my Mennonite friends!

The quilt is sail boat themed. 

My friend embroidered Ahmad's initials. 

The blanket my grandmother crocheted for Ahmad along with the Mennonite quilt.

Books my grandmother sent. Some of these books were my Moms/Aunts, all of them I remember being read to me, and they are now Ahmad's!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Klecha~ Ka'ak~ Date Cookies

This recipe is from another lady online, I tried finding her web page again to give her credit, but I have spent nearly an hour trying and have given up. So to let you know, this is not a recipe I came up with.

3 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Tablespoon black seeds 
1/2 cup of each:

Date Filling:
2 1/2 cups of mashed dates
1/4 teaspoon of each:
Ground Cardamon
Ground Anise Seed
Ground Nutmeg
Whole Fennel Seeds

Egg Wash:
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 Tablespoon milk

1/4 cup Sesame seeds

I use 2 packages of these pressed dates, each package has 13ozs of dates.

Take the dates out of the packaging.

Get your spices ready.

Combine dates and spices. If your dates are too sticky put a little butter or oil in it, knead well to make sure spices are evenly distributed.

Combine flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and black seeds. Mix well.

*This was the first time I tried this recipe with black seeds, they are completely optional. I recommend NOT including them in the recipe.*

Beat eggs and butter in a separate bowl until well combined.

Add milk and oil and mix.

Add the wet mixture to your dry mixture.

Knead well, I use my hands as it seems the dough combines better this way. 

Now that you have everything ready, begin dividing the dough and the filling into equal parts. I was able to get 36 pieces of the dough and 36 pieces of the date filling.

I usually have the dough about the size of a walnut.

How it should look when you have divided everything into equal parts.

*You should turn on your oven at 350F*

Take the dough and form into a rectangle. Then take the date filling and role into a rope.

Wrap the dough around the filling.

Roll until you have reached your desired length and thickness.

Connect the ends to make your shape.

Mix your egg, milk, and vanilla to make your egg wash. Beat well!

Brush cookies with egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

You must use the egg wash or else your sesame seeds will not stay on the cookies when you go to store them!

Bake at 350*F until bottoms are browned, if the top is not brown turn the broiler on and brown the tops until golden.

The finished product!

Enjoy with coffee, tea, or milk!

Perfectly Imperfect

I have noticed how easy it is to show only one part of our personality or character when writing or blogging. So I thought- as when I read some blogs and the writers portray their lives as peaches and cream- I will write some of my perfectly imperfect ways.

  1. I am doomed without my morning coffee.
  2. Once I start something I have to finish it. Sometimes I will stay up late at night to finish my cleaning, sewing, laundry, etc.
  3. I love cooking for others, but hate cooking for myself. 
  4. Sometimes I will go the majority of the day without eating because I am occupied with other things.
  5. I think I may have OCD as everything has to perfect at all times. 
  6. I don't like repeating myself, the first time I will say it in a nice way, but the second or third time, there may be a hint of irritation. 
  7. I get irritated if someone who doesn't have kids or can not handle their own children, give advice to others about how they should raise or take care of their little ones.
  8. I am extremely ticklish and I warn that I can not be held responsible for what may happen if I am tickled.
  9. When I am by myself, I may want to buy something but before I get to the cash register I end up putting it back. If my husband is with me, he talks me into getting it. Such a sweetie. 
  10. If you are talking to me and want me to listen and understand, turn off the music or television or else I will never fully get what you said.
  11. I love dark chocolate but hate soda pop- with the exception of a Dr. Pepper once in a blue moon.
  12. Last but not least, I am from the country and as much as I love the simplicity of it, I don't think I could ever move back to the middle of no where. 30 minute drive just to get to a grocery store, really?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ahmad at 8 Months Old!

Today Ahmad is 8 months old! I can hardly believe in only 4 more months he will be 1 years old! He very clearly says "mama" now, no longer does he say "nana" when referring to me. Not only does he crawl now, he is very fast! He is also able to pull himself up on anything he puts his hands on. I also am starting to see his bottom 2 teeth making their appearance! Since his teeth are pushing through he has been very cranky, not to mention he is always hurting himself, so this brings on more tears. But with the tears comes Mama's hugs and kisses. Ahmad also loves to play hide and seek, row row row your boat, and ablsolutely amused by the "Old McDonald had a farm" song, especially when I make the animal noises. 

A few days ago we went to Ahmads doctor. He is now 17lbs 3ozs and still 26 inches long. Even though he hasn't grown any taller this month, his personality has been shining through! 

Ahmad wearing 12 month clothes!

For the ladies wondering, the Klecha and Mughli recipes (along with pictures) will be posted within this week, insha'allah.

My New Blog Design!

Salam alaikum!

For about a week I have been playing around on my blog trying to find exactly what I like. Alas, I was never quite satisfied. Today though I worked very hard and extensively, and was able to create my new "logo" of my blog! I do not have any fancy software, so yes, it was created in Microsoft paint- which in return took a long time and tested my patience! My blog is getting closer to what I like, but it is not quite there- for instance, there isn't much color right now. So if you see minor changes in the next few day this is why. :) 

Please tell me what you think of my blog remodeling so far!

Ahmad's Second Birthday!

Our Anniversary!