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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 20th Birthday!

August 20th was my 20th birthday! Jasim and I had plans on going to the zoo with Ahmad or going downtown and riding the ferry, but the weather would not permit. So because of the rain, we went to the mall and Jasim bought me some new outfits, Ahmad a pair of shoes, and when we went to the Halal food store we bought Jasim a thobe to wear in the house!

Ahmad's new mickey mouse shoes!

This size medium skirt made to hug your waist was from Forever 21 at the sale section for only 8.99$! I absolutely adore it! The medium makes it a little loose on my waist so it settles on my hips, which is how I like my skirts to sit! (I try not to wear anything that makes my waist noticeable). 

This sweater is made out of a t-shirt material. I bought it in a 1x because I wanted it to fit very loosely. We found it at JC Penny's on sale for 4$! 

This size medium short sleeve sweater is also from Jc Penny's for 20$! (The antique pink scarf I bought from banana republic about 1 year ago for 11$, originally a 40$ scarf).

I really like the crotchet stitch it has and the brown braided leather belt that weaves through the crotchet gaps.

Here is another skirt from JC Penny's marked down to 8$! The smalls and mediums were a little short for my liking so I found a petite large. The elastic band helps the skirt stay in place!

I was really happy to have found clothes I could change around. The two sweaters I bought can go with either skirts!

I had been really hoping to find a black abaya that snaps from neck to toe (for purposes of feeding my little one) at the Halal grocery store. One just about fit me everywhere but was a bit tight on my hips and didn't give me room to walk in (it was an A line abaya probably made for pencil figured women who doesn't have crawling babies), which I prefer my dresses, abayas, or skirts to give me plenty of room to walk and get in and out of the car. There was another one, but it was very big. Maybe next time, insha'allah!

With Love,


  1. Sara Hildebrandt BorekciAugust 23, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    Salam alaikum! Just a word of warning, abayas with snaps frequently end up coming unsnapped. I used to wear one, but then every time I sat down, or got in/out of a car, or when I went in to sujud while praying it would come undone. You're better off with one of the abayas from Sunnahstyle which have zippers down the front to allow for nursing.

    1. Yes I do realize that. I had one before but gave it away while I was pregnant and it didn't fit properly. What I did was I sewed along the "snap" part from the waist to the toes so it wouldn't unsnap. I also wouldn't wear the abaya alone, but also maybe a skirt and shirt.

  2. Happy birthday to you sister(: May Allah give you all happiness and good health with your family. You should see these abayas http://www.facebook.com/sultans.ferrace

    1. Insha'allah Ameen, thank you Serpil! I will take a look see! :D

    2. asalam alakom hi ladys im umm aisem


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