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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ahmad, 7 months and 9 days!

Ahmad is growing so quickly and his ability to move has jumped by leaps and bounds!
Ahmad crawls everywhere now, exploring all the new things in the house. Time for baby proofing!
He also is able to pull himself up to his knees holding on to a shelf or table. When holding on to me, he is able to pull himself up to his feet. In either position, he tries to let go and balance, but alas, he has not mastered balance yet! Of course, he is able to go from crawling to sitting up with no difficulties. 

I don't remember if I wrote this in my last update but Ahmad is saying "dada" and "mama". Instead of "mama" he ends up with "nana", but I know what he means! Every once in a while he will say "baba" but it is very rare. He has graduated from the baby bath tub and now enjoys playing in the big bath tub! Ahmad follows me everywhere, if I am in kitchen cooking he will either sit close to where I am standing and look up watching me or he will lay down on the floor. If I am cleaning the bathroom he will go there, if I am folding clothes he has fun crawling around in the unfolded clothes and trying to mess up the folded pile! He is such much fun now! Such a little blessing!

In the kitchen watching Mama cook!


Taking pictures of me??

When is Baba coming home so I can wear my regular diapers?

Playing at a friends house!


  1. Asalamu alaikum,

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Lion's Claws! Come have a look I dare you :)

    If you like follow & share your thoughts please.

    Take Care

  2. He looks so cute mashallah. Hope you are having a great ramadan.

  3. mashaAllah so cute, my oldest niece calls my mom "bebe" but now the middle niece has started calling her "babo" looool so funny. we'll see which one sticks inshaAllah :-P


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