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Friday, July 27, 2012

If Today Was Your Last Day

Yesterday my baby and I were in a car accident. I thought my husband would be upset, but alas, he 

isn't! He said that he is just happy that the baby and I are okay.

"Money and things on earth come and go, family you can loose so easily and will not be able to retrieve in this life."

Alhamdulilah that Allah saw fit for me and the baby to see another day. The accident could have been so much worse then it was, especially with all the damage the car has- it is irreparable. I don't even know what really happened, my car collided into another, and all I saw was white- the air bag- then I blacked out for a few minutes or seconds- I don't even know. All I remember is hearing my baby cry, getting out of the car, and taking the baby out of his car seat as quickly as I could.

Right after the accident a Muslim family that I had seen 3 times before- I saw them that very day at my Doctor's appointment- but we had never spoken to each other. Subhannallah, they happened to be driving by and stopped for us when they recognized me. The wife took care of the baby and kept him in the air conditioned car while her husband helped me deal with the police and the others involved in the accident.  Allah sent a trustworthy family to watch the baby and make sure Ahmad didn't get too hot. Alhamdulilah, see how Allah provides?

It got me thinking, what if that day was my last? Would I be satisfied with my life? What if today was your last day? Would you be satisfied with the life you have lived? Insha'Allah we will all strive to better ourselves as Muslims and not forget the purpose of our lives by being blinded by this Dunya.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ahmad's Doctor's Appointment!

Yesterday was Ahmad's Doctors appointment. The doctor is very pleased with Ahmad's progress and said that if he didn't know better he would think that Ahmad was born a 7lb baby. Ahmad weighs 16lbs and measures 26 inches long. He is also beginning to talk, saying "Dada", "Mama", "Baba". He can go from crawling to sitting up by himself- with the support of one hand (his hand).

Yesterday was also Ahmads first time going out with his Baba by himself. They went to visit some friends, Jasim said that Ahmad was very good and didn't cry. Ahmad has also out grown his baby bath tub, so I just use the big tub to bathe him. 

It seems that Ahmad isn't a baby anymore, but a little boy. 
I love you Hamoody!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ahmad at 6 1/2 Months and the First Time at the Park!

Last night we met with some friends at the park for an evening picnic. After we ate, the guys and a few of the ladies played soccer. I didn't get pictures of that event, but we did get pictures of the Jabir family!

Ahmad waking up from his nap!

"Yes Mama, I am up!"

Ahmad and Baba

Ahmad and Mama.

Baba, Ahmad and Mama!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Captured Photos 2010-2012

Here are some photos I captured either with my cellphone or camera. :)

All of these photos vary from Missouri, Georgia and Florida, unedited.

Georgia, I know the water looks gross.





Missouri, at my fathers place.

Missouri, my little sisters.







Me in Jacksonville Florida.

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

Georgia, the day before I became Muslim.


Florida, me and my husband :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

6 Months Old!

I can hardly believe that 6 months have passed since I gave birth to my beautiful little boy! He has learned so much in such a short time. Ahmad now knows how to sit up, crawl, loves his jumparoo, enjoys eating food, doesn't like his naps as much as he use to, and now sleeps in a full size crib. He has x4 his original birth weight, which was 4lbs 10ozs, now weighing around 16 pounds. He is such a healthy and happy baby!

I left the food on his face purposely just make the picture cuter. :)

I love you Hamoody! <3

Ahmad's Second Birthday!

Our Anniversary!