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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Subhannallah, I just came to the realization that Ramadan is only about 1 month away! My first Ramadan, which was last year, I wasn't able to fast because I was pregnant. I tried to, but when I did, I had many fainting spells. So this year I will for sure, insha'allah. I am breastfeeding, insha'allah my milk production will not be affected by it! 

We were giving Ahmad solids for a few weeks about 2 times a day, but he got tired of it and started spitting it everywhere, so I stopped. Figured that he wasn't ready for solids yet. So if I loose my milk he will have to learn to like solids.

I am very anxious and excited, when I was Christian sometimes I would fast for a few weeks with drinking water or lemon water only, but I have never went a day without water- well I take that back, when I was single I fasted on a few of those days that were not an obligation. I know of some ladies that fast even from the internet and such. I am planning to do that as well, insha'allah. So what are your feelings and plans for this upcoming Ramadan?


  1. Salam alaykum sister. I fasted half of the days of Ramadan last year due to still nursing my then baby and not being strong to do all days. I would get dizzy and weak. This Ramadan I approach will a little fear due to the fast being so long but also with anticipation of the barakah the month brings. InshaAllah once we begin I am sure I will be fine. I am soo looking forward to the last ten days as they are always my favourite part of the month.
    I am looking forward to putting the children to bed and praying tarawih and reading Quran. Your post made me smile.

  2. Assalamu aleikum, long time didn't read your posts but i am missing them.
    It happened the same with me. My first Ramadan caught me pregnant and managed to fast only few days. Last year I was with a new baby and breastfeeding... well kind of. But Subhana'Allah I fasted the whole month without any problem. Just make sure you have plenty of liquids during the night so you'll get trough the day, Insha'Allah you have an easy fast and Allah accepts it from us, I am very nervous about this year because is so hot in here and I'll have to prepare food for Youssef not to mention the energy he has now will be a little ore difficult restraining from water about food... sometimes i forget to at even now. But Insha'Allah we will manage with faith

  3. In Reply to Umm Youssef Dana:

    Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen you make a new blog post for a while now. Insha'allah Allah will provide us strength to fast and that He will accept our fast.


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