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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Abaya!

Salam alaikum! So for a month or so I had been admiring this abaya/jilbab every time I went into the Halal food store to buy groceries. The only problem was, it was a bit pricey. Every time I touched it, it felt so soft and flowy- is that even a word?- the hijab that came with it was pretty and the bag was pure leather! I didn't realize that my husband had noticed me admiring it and Tuesday he bought it for me. So kind of him! The only thing that had to be done was hemming it up, yes I am a little short, but other then that it fits perfectly! Alhamdulilah for wonderful and thoughtful husbands! <3


  1. assalamualaikum!!!
    very beautiful abaya indeed! masha'Allah and the matching bag! looks so nice!!!!!!

    I came across ur blog and love it!! masha'Allah sooo nice! :) I too am a revert to Islam alhamdulilah and have a few blogs myself! please come by for a visit insha'allah!!!

  2. In Reply to Islam Muslimah

    Wa alaikum salam ukhti! Thank you! Yes Insha'allah I will take a look at your blogs!


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