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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Abaya!

Salam alaikum! So for a month or so I had been admiring this abaya/jilbab every time I went into the Halal food store to buy groceries. The only problem was, it was a bit pricey. Every time I touched it, it felt so soft and flowy- is that even a word?- the hijab that came with it was pretty and the bag was pure leather! I didn't realize that my husband had noticed me admiring it and Tuesday he bought it for me. So kind of him! The only thing that had to be done was hemming it up, yes I am a little short, but other then that it fits perfectly! Alhamdulilah for wonderful and thoughtful husbands! <3

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Subhannallah, I just came to the realization that Ramadan is only about 1 month away! My first Ramadan, which was last year, I wasn't able to fast because I was pregnant. I tried to, but when I did, I had many fainting spells. So this year I will for sure, insha'allah. I am breastfeeding, insha'allah my milk production will not be affected by it! 

We were giving Ahmad solids for a few weeks about 2 times a day, but he got tired of it and started spitting it everywhere, so I stopped. Figured that he wasn't ready for solids yet. So if I loose my milk he will have to learn to like solids.

I am very anxious and excited, when I was Christian sometimes I would fast for a few weeks with drinking water or lemon water only, but I have never went a day without water- well I take that back, when I was single I fasted on a few of those days that were not an obligation. I know of some ladies that fast even from the internet and such. I am planning to do that as well, insha'allah. So what are your feelings and plans for this upcoming Ramadan?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

5 Months Old!

Ahmad is now 5 months and 1 week old! I can hardly imagine it! He rolls and scoots everywhere, likes to do the taste test to everything that he grabs, and is very vocal now. He doesn't eat as often as he use too, he eats every 4 hours. Sleeps a full night, from 11-8. He loves to stand up with my help and can just about sit on his own without any support- not quite though. He understands "give me a kiss" in Arabic and English. He just lies there with his mouth opened, and once you get your face close enough he takes his hands on either side of your face and pulls you to give you a kiss. :) So sweet!

Peek a boo!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our New Home!

Salam alaikum! It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything because we have been busy moving and getting back into schedule.

I will admit, I absolutely love our new place, alhamdulilah. It is located at the end of a dead end road, so we are tucked away from everything with trees surrounding the apartments. We live on the top floor- the third. Imagine moving everything up 3 flights, my poor husband. His friends came to help him with moving the furniture, though we only had our bed set. We left our couches because we want to get new ones. The apartment is so spacious! There are two bedrooms and each bedroom has a very large closet, one is a complete walk in closet, the other is not as big. There is a laundry room that is very large- and we got a washer a dryer! Yeah! No more laundry mats! The kitchen is the perfect size, has a garbage disposal and a walk in pantry. There is a dining room, a living room, and the bathroom is absolutely perfect! We also have centeral heating and cooling!

Right now we do not have any couches, we are planning to have some Arabic couches custom made. We are just saving up for that right now. The high density foam is 120$ a piece and we need two pieces, so that is 240$. The fabric we chose is 8$ a yard, so altogether 56$. Labor is 103$. What is the most expensive are the rectangle Arabic pillows. We need 3 and each are 25$ a piece and the labor is more expensive then the couches! So we need to have about 700$ for the couches and pillows. Which, if you think about it, it's not really that expensive, we just do not have the money for it right at the moment.

Insha'allah I will get pictures posted one day once we get curtains hung up- we do not have a drill- and the couches made. So it may be a few months before I do. 

Ahmad's Second Birthday!

Our Anniversary!