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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Starting Solids?

So Tuesday, May 1st, we had a doctors visit for the baby. Ahmad is doing great! He weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces and is 24 inches long, so in 4 months he has gained 10 pounds and grew 6 inches! For the past couple of months our pediatrician has had us give him this iron supplement called polyvisol. I must admit, the first few weeks were a terrible struggle to get it down him but now he doesn't put up a too big of a fight. The doctor basically said, "If you don't give him this supplement, he may look healthy on the outside but will be hollow inside." Quite honestly, it makes me wonder what people did in the day before supplements were even thought of? So is it really that important? I don't know, I give it to him because taking it won't hurt anything. 

The Doctor also said to start introducing solids. I was very surprised because he told me at our last visit that he wanted me to breastfeed up to one year. I am kind of iffy about starting him on solids at only 4 months of age! I mean, I had thought of doing this at 6 months, but 4? He said that at first just take some rice cereal, take one tablespoon of that and mix with 5 tablespoons of warm breastmilk. Which makes a really runny consistency and feed him by spoon. First off, we have to buy a baby spoon, but I did try to give it to him with our small silver spoons but he hated it and was screaming so I gave in and fed him by the breast. I just have a feeling he isn't quite ready for the solids yet. Any advice?


  1. Assalamu aleikum.
    My pediatrician also suggested me to start introducing solids at 4months. But my baby wasn't ready, he refused the spoon. You should first introduce the spoon, first will think is a toy but obviously will try to put it in his mouth, try then with some food on. It worked in our case but at 6 months and 3 days to be exact.
    I also tried to mix them with breast milk and no result.
    2 things are important: first the baby must be ready and you will figure out about this. And second breastfeed as much as you can. I had to pump out the milk for 8 months because Youssef wanted only from the bottle. And even so I felt terribly bad because I couldn't do it anymore.

  2. Oh...and best of luck with this new step. You should prepare yourself for new adventures.
    About iron...we didn't give me anything but depends a lot and the pediatrician knows better for sure. He suggested iron only when Youssef refused solids for almost a month after we oficially started to eat. Alhamdullilah we didn't give it to him because he started to eat again.
    At this age I strongly blieve breast milk is enough for them and after all they have plenty of time to get used with everything.

  3. In reply to Umm Youssef Dana:

    Yes I want to breastfeed longer and didn't want to start solids until 6-8 months.

    I know that it is hard when they are use to the bottle, little Ahmad was in the NICU for 3 weeks and was use to it. But when I got him home I introduced him to the breast little by little and before I knew it we were exclusively breastfeeding.

    I produce a lot of milk, when Ahmad was still in the NICU, I was able to pump 16ozs at one time. I had to cut back on my liquids I was very miserable! The nurses use to joke that I could feed all the babies in the NICU. LOL

  4. I gave my daughter some cereal at 4 months and she wasn't ready for it, couldn't eat it properly and threw it all up 5 minutes later. I re-introduced solids again about 2 weeks before she turned 6 months and this time everything went great. All babies are different though, you could try and just see if he responds well to it.

    I've read that up to 6 months though they need to be getting the majority of their nutrition still through their milk.

    Good luck!

  5. Asalam waliykum.

    I know this is a bit late. But for next time inshallah. My Mother said she used to put rusk biscuits into the bottle with milk and allow it to disolve and then give that to us and that worked well as it was mainly milk. Then after a few months she started with mashed up foods, veg and like porridge style meals.
    Inshallah this helps for next time :D

    1. From my research, it isn't good to put something thick in a bottle of milk. Ahmad's pediatrician also told me not to put cereal in his bottle. Next time, I am going to start with fruits and vegetables then grains.


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