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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Very soon, insha'allah, we will be moving to a 2 bedroom apartment! Can't hardly wait! The area is so much better then the one we are at now- a few weeks ago we had a shooting just 20 feet from our bedroom window at 2 in the morning! The area we are moving to is a very family oriented and the people who own the apartments are VERY, VERY picky with who the apartments are leased to. Like we filled out our application almost 1 year ago, we have had to submit several background check-ups, check stubs, have had to do several interviews, but I know that in the end it will be worth it. We will be in a safer area and that is all I care about now that we have our little munchkin to think of.

By the way, Ahmad is growing so quickly. he rolls and scoots everywhere! Our couches have legs and sometimes when I come in the living room from the kitchen his head is under the couch- of course he is screaming since he can't get out! I love my little man! <3

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