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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother In-law Soon to Come

Jasim's mother is planning to come to America soon. Before Ahmad was born she had applied for a visa and was accepted but then decided that she didn't want to leave her youngest son Salam, who is 16. Now her son has a job and is going to school, so she has reconsidered coming. She has reapplied and perhaps from a few months to a year I will be meeting her for the first time.  My husband has not seen any of his family for almost 10 years! He said eventually he would like to bring all of them over to America as things in Iraq are not getting any better. Insha'allah, what ever is in the plans of Allah, may it be done.


  1. Insha'Allah you get at least to spend time together. I love my mother in law and our relationship is way much than I've expected to be,Alhamdullilah
    The same plan we have too: to bring our relatives from Iraq but as you can see in Syria is not ok either.
    I also read your previous post about your rlatives in Iraq and I wish I knew what to say but I feel words won't be enough to show my support and respect for all Iraqis. May Allah have mercy on them and Insha'Allah they pass this test.

  2. In Reply to Umm Youssef Dana:

    Insha'allah Ameen.


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