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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Smiles and an Update!

Every day something new pops out from my son, every day I see more of his personality. Subhanallah, it is absolutely amazing to watch someone develop into their own person. Ahmad is growing fast and is such a little fatty, I have a friend who's baby was born 1 month after Ahmad, this boy was over 9 pounds but now he looks so fragile compared to Ahmad. Ahmad now rolls from his stomach to his back and from his back to his stomach. He also sleep from 11 at night to 8 in the morning! We have introduced rice cereal and applesauce to him. I first gave him the Gerber rice cereal but he didn't like it, so when I visited an organic grocery store I brought their rice cereal. Lo behold, Ahmad loves it! I wanted to share some pictures of my babies smile, he is such a happy baby, very peaceful and serene. 


  1. Masha'Allah how beautiful he is.
    Congrats for all, also is nice that he started to eat.

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