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Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on 4 Month Old Baby Ahmad!

May 2nd Ahmad will be 4 months old! I can't hardly believe that he is only 2 months shy of being 6 months! May 1st we have a doctors appointment, which is when we will know his weight. I am very sure he is about 15 pounds now because he fits into number 3 diapers, which are really for 18 pound babies. He can also fit into some of his 6-9 month old clothes- which is absolutely crazy, because I can remember when he couldn't even fit into preemie clothes!

He is changing a lot. He is my joy and sunshine. He now rolls on his side- hasn't quite figured out how to roll on his stomach yet! 

Ahmad also sits very well with little support. 

He loves to suck on his thumb and HATES his masoosa (pacifier).

He loves to play with his little Eeyore that my mother gave to him and now sleeps a full night, usually waking me up around the time of our morning prayer. He is so very attentive and seems to absorb everything that is going on around him. He is such a sweet baby, it's like he understands me fully, if I am kind of sad, he will give me a great big grin which never fails to cheer me up! For most of our 5 daily prayers, I lay him next to me when I prayer and he just watches me. Insha'allah (God willing) when he is older, I will see him standing in front of me leading the prayer. He is a very content baby, doesn't mind playing by himself while Mama gets things done around the house. Ahmad is truly my pride and joy!


  1. MashaAllah how beautiful he is.
    They are growing so fast SubhanaAllah and we don't even realize when, I miss the times my little one was like this

  2. In reply to Umm youssef dana,
    Yes is growing very quickly! Doctor said that I should start in with solids- eeekkkk- when did he get old enough to eat solids??? I tried to give him some last night but he hated it- the spoon that is- so maybe he isn't quite ready for it yet?

  3. Your son is sooo cute mashAllah! My daughter is 8 months and yes it's hard to believe how fast they grow up :)


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