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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Trip Home To Missouri!

My trip home to Missouri was beyond my expectations! I got to visit a lot of family members that I hadn't seen for years and I had good times with my immediate family. The Saturday before I left, I went to the Lamar park to meet my fathers family for a picnic. We ate and talked, my daddy is a harsh man. He was complaining about my baby's name asking why we didn't give him an "American" name, but then he went on to say that his name is Hebrew and mine is Greek and yada yada. Sometimes I just don't get him! 

Our plane ride back was a bit more tense then the one up to Missouri. I think while we were there for the 11 days Ahmad is beginning to teeth. So he was kind of cranky, mind you he never "cried cried" but he was for sure not sleeping the whole trip. His stomach was also very upset and he was spitting up everywhere. He also had a more difficult time "readjusting" to our house rather then my grandmas house. My grandma has dogs, the television on, and always a hustle and bustle going about. On the other hand, we don't have any animals in the house, the only time we have television on is if I am tired of the quiet, and its usually just me and the baby. The only hustling is me cleaning and cooking.

Ahmad is such an AWESOME baby! He sleeps almost a solid 6-8 hours every night now! He makes up for it during the day though by still eating every 2 hours and right before he goes to bed he eat every hour.

My mother and my son!

4 generations!

My grandpa, myself and my son.

My brother Caleb and his nephew!

Ahmad wearing the Kufi I made for him!


My brother Ira and his nephew!

My Daddy and his grandson!

Me and my little BIG brother!

Daddy, myself, my step mom and my son!

Ahmad loves his blanky and his fingers!

Farewell picture at the airport! :'(


  1. MAshallah amazing photos..i can't believe how young ure mum is..she looks like your older sister mashallah!!..how old was she when she had you..
    ..Allah open their hearts to Islam Ameen.

  2. In reply to anonymous:

    Insha'allah Ameen. Yes my mother does look very young!She was the same age as I am when she gave birth to me, 19. Its funny how our lives are quite the same, she got married to my father when she was 18 1/2 and I got married when I was 18 1/2. she had me when she was 19, and I had my baby after I turned 19.


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