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Monday, March 5, 2012

My Nightmare of a Night

Last night when my husband came home from work, he told me that we were invited to the families house for dinner- the family that I had over for dinner last week. Do bear in mind we co-shared their house with them for about 4 months and I knew exactly what to expect. At first I said no. Then my husband reassured me that the wife wasn't doing any cooking, her brother in-law T was cooking for all the company. So I got me and the baby ready while my husband showered and shaved. When we got there, there was H cooking fried fish, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Talk about a heart attack ready to happen.

G and H children were all excited about the baby. But I noticed the little girl had a cough so I tried to keep her distant from Ahmad. I for sure didn't want my little man to get sick!

Finally the rest of the company came and the last person to come was T. He had rice, bamia, chicken, and salad. H came to me and asked if what I wanted from her food, I was stuck at what to say. You see, before when we co-shared the house- really my husband and I were in their "guest house" but we co-shared the kitchen- I would go in the kitchen and there would be her families dishes, in the beginning I thought, 'she just must be busy with the children, let me clean things up for her.' But every time I would come back, everything would be messed up and dirty again. Every time I went in their part of the house, she would just be at the computer while her kids were destroying the house. EVERY TIME I cleaned the kitchen there would be a gazillion cockroaches.

I admit, in Florida it is nearly impossible to keep bugs out of your house unless you get it sprayed every month, but there is a way to keep them at bay, by keeping your house tidy and things cleaned up. So when she offered me her food, the only thing flashing through my head was bugs crawling all over her dishes, pans, utensils, and that artery clogging dinner. So I declined and said I needed to change and feed the baby. I asked her where I could go. She said that I could go in her sons room as it was the cleanest.

When I went in the room it had the strangest smell. I was afraid to sit on his bed, as the son is a toddler and who knows if he had wet it. I put the babies blanket on the rug and started to change him when all I could see on the black rug were tiny little cockroaches . I got terrified, grabbed my baby and went on the bed. I started to feed him when there was a 1 inch long cockroach in the boys bed, so I jumped up and just was standing while feeding the baby. I was really close to tears until my husband came. I told him everything that had happened, and he went and got me food from what T brought. By then Ahmad was finished eating, so he took the baby and I went back to eat. 

Finally we were going home. I told my husband that I never wanted to go there again. That if he wanted to see his friends, they can come over to our little apartment. Thankfully there was no argument about it and he agreed. Maybe some of you won't understand my feelings about this, but I really can't stand a place that is dirty. Perhaps its a disorder of some sort, but when I see things like that my skin crawls and I feel like I can lose everything that is on my stomach. 

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