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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Because You're Poor...

Right now my husband and I are living in a one bedroom apartment. I don't mind small houses being that I lived in an one bedroom house with 5 other family members for 4 years. But I know that soon the day is coming when my baby will need his own room, so my husband and I are in search of a new house. 

My husbands boss T, who also happens to be from Iraq, has a out 5-6 rental houses. Before we moved into this apartment we were co-sharing a house with T's brother- not a pleasant experience! Then T offered us to rent from him in a house that his brother lived in before- that was the time when they only had 2 children, now that they have 4 they had to move to a bigger house to where they are now. The minute I walked in the house, I wanted to turn around and run! T hadn't fixed or changed anything since his brother's family left, and lets just say, dirty dishes still in the sink, 1-2 year old food still in the fridge, unfixed blankets still on the bed! I am a clean freak and my skin was crawling- a family saying of ours, "Just because your poor don't mean you have to be dirty." Well after we turned T's offer down, he fixed it up along with his other houses. So soon, we are going to pay some visits to them. 

There is this one my husband really likes that is a 2 bedroom and one bathroom. T is still in the process of getting it fixed up so I am not allowed to pass judgement on it YET! :D My husband said that it has a really big laundry room! Can't wait to have my own washer and dryer, very inconvenient to take clothes and a 2 month old baby to the laundry mat! 

This morning, when Ahmad woke up to eat, I fed him and he slept for about 1 1/2 hours. When he woke up again he so happy! Smiling, cooing, and grabbing his feet with his fat little hands. My husband was so happy to see this side of his son so he picked him up and was hugging him when the little guy decided to spit up all over his baba!

Today we have a Doctor's appointment. Hubby thinks Ahmad is for sure over 12lbs, I won't be surprised if he is. I will write an update on this same blog post with how much he weighs now when we return from the Doctors.

*Update* Ahmad is 10 1/2 pounds and 21 inches. They said that he is only 1 pound and 2-3 inches behind a full term baby. For those who do not know Ahmad was born 6 weeks early. 

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