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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hobbies of Mine

I have been kind of lost at what to write lately. I don't always want to fill my blog posts with my husband and I's social lives- being that they tend to get repetitive. We visit the same people and basically do the same things. So I thought that maybe writing about what I enjoy would be something fun for me, and at the same time giving all of my new and old acquaintances a chance to know me better.

A first hobby of mine is sewing! I absolutely love to sew and create my own patterns. I can take about any store bought item, lay it out, cut a pattern from it, and sew it up. I can also take a basic pattern and create my own styles. There are a few things that I have not mastered and am terrified to even attempt. For instance, I have never figured those invisible zippers or cuffs of a man's shirt. I am completely intimidated on sewing new couch covers- you know the kind that are fitted and sewed on the couch. Other then these 3 things I can do about everything else. 

I also LOVE to cook. I remember when I lived with my mother, that I asked her and my step-father to teach me to cook. So my step dad handed me this potato along with a humongous knife- at least it was huge in my little hands- and said once I learned how to peel a potato they would teach me. That day I raised the flag of defeat and gave up.

When I went to live with my father, my step mother was a kitchen hog and didn't like anyone cooking in there except for herself. Even though I got the "privilege" of being the dish washer. It was when I was 14 I started to learn to cook. I had dropped out of school and started working on a Mennonite farm. When 12 o'clock rolled around, I would help the ladies prepare lunch and this relit the passion of mine. It was like that knowledge was always there it just needed a little push. I learned everything so quickly and it seemed that no matter what I put my hands to it always turned out good.

When I was 16 I started living or taking care of myself. I was boarding with the same Mennonite family I had been working for and we had days where each of us ladies would cook.  But before long my I got antsy and wanted to do something new, so I moved to another domestic farm and helped out an elderly couple. There I cooked all their meals for them, they were vegan so I tried my hand at that and had great success. I was with them for about 6 months until I got the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico. Originally I was only going to stay there for 3 weeks but then the mother of the family had to return to the states to take care of her mother and asked me if I could stay with her family of 4 and care for them and the house. I agreed and this is when my cooking was challenged.

There were 3 grown men- one was the father 2 were the sons- and an 11 year old girl. The men did construction and had fierce appetites- plus they too were vegan. Lets just say, every week I had to bake 7 loaves of bread...

After spending about 3 months in Puerto Rico, I went to Georgia to a Seventh-Day Adventist health institute/medical missionary college. Yes, before I was a proud Seventh-Day Adventist. There of course I learned even more about vegan cooking after being the supervisor in the student cafeteria for morning shift and the only worker/cook for the hospital kitchen in the evenings. (During the day time I was the supervisor in the hospital laundry department).

Later, after I came to know about Islam and embraced it, I went down to Florida to start everything new. I worked in a Pakistani/ Indian store/restaurant, for 3 months- after 2 months of searching for a job. It was there I met my husband who is from Iraq. So now I have learned so many Arabic dishes, that I would say that my cooking abilities are very wide ranged. From the traditional mid-western dishes, to the Mennonites, from Puerto Rico, to vegan and from vegan to Arab.

I have so many more hobbies that I could go on about but I just realized how long this blog post has gotten so I will end it now.


  1. Salam sis just saw ure blog..i LOVE it..lol
    what an experience..u seem to be so cultured at such a young age mashallah.
    You should share some arabic dishes with your readers :)..
    Cant wait for your next post!

  2. Wa alaikum salam! Insha'allah, I will do that, it just takes a lot- I would like to include pictures and such if I would post recipes. So we will see, it would be kind of difficult since I have a newborn and that is pretty consuming. :) But we will see. Allah belkhair.


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