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Friday, March 2, 2012

2 Months

Ahmad is 2 months old today! When I look at him I am just completely amazed, I remember how tiny he was when he was first born, and now I see this chubby little baby in my arms! He is 10 1/2 pounds and 21 inches long which is only 1lb and 2-3 inches behind a normal full term baby. Doctor said that he is doing good considering the fact that he was born 6 weeks early. He holds up his head now, makes noises other then crying, is noticing his hands and feet, and is drooling everywhere! I am just so thank to God for blessing my son and allowing him to have a life and giving me the privilege to raise this little boy.

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  1. Salam Alaikum sister,

    My little one is just one month and 12 days :) and I'm completely in love with him. He made me forget the heartache his father caused to me and now I feel much more better even if my heart didn't heal completely but there is nothing to compare the love i feel for Sami.


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