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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories of 2011

So last night ended the year of 2011. I look back at where I was at the beginning of 2011 and would have never imagined to be where I am now. January 1st of 2011 I was single, a new Muslim, and learning the do's and dont's that apply to living in the city. Now, January 1st of 2012, I find myself  married, partly experienced with the city life, and expecting my first baby in just one month!

This year brought new friendships and it also broke some that I had made. It helped me realize that not everyone that comes in your life will stay, and some people you think that will always be there for you won't always be there and in the end may desert you.

This year also brought healing. It mended my mother and I's relationship which I am forever thankful to God for. Even though we are daughter and mother, we are strangers. But insha'allah, God-willing, this year will bring us closer and help us to learn about each other more. One thing I have learned, friends will eventually fade from your life, but family will always be there and can always be depended on.

This year brought trials and triumphs, heartaches and joys, but in the end everything made me grow to be a better person and look at the world differently. Life will either make you or break you and Alhamdulilah, the things I experienced only made me stronger in what I desire and what I believe.

I will have to say that the person I have learned the most from this year was my husband. The man I was introduced to and married 5 days after our meeting. He has helped me grow and become more tolerant to others. He broke down the prejudice thoughts that other Muslims had built up in me in the first 5 months of me coming to Islam. He helped me to realize the true meaning of life and love. He has became my best friend and the one I can tell my troubles, joys, or sorrows to without being afraid of him judging me or telling others. I am so thankful to Allah- God- that He has blessed me with a husband that I could have never imagined to have.

I hope that this year is more stable then it was last year, I can expect it to have its ups and downs, but when you have firm belief in the one God, the one who Created you, you can weather any trial or temptation that comes along.

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