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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forgive Me

Ya Allah, Forgive me, 
When I forget the reason why I was created,
When I indulge myself in sins which you forbid,
Those acts I have committed which I now cry for.
For not being thankful for all the things you have blessed me with,
For not always being willing to take the path You wished for me.

Forgive me my Lord, my Creator, my Sustainer, and my Judge.
I kneel down on the ground and beg for Your Mercy daily.
You are the all Merciful and all Forgiver.
So forgive me for my mistakes which I have committed knowingly or unintentionally,
And guide me to the path You have for me.
Give me the courage and patience to remain on the right path forever, the path of Islam.

Ya Allah, please be merciful and forgive all of us Muslims that come to you with a sincere heart.



  1. YOur prayed is very candidly MAs Allah sister..

    Amen for all of us..

    Gonul Auburn..


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